The National Service Scheme (NSS) at MLA AHL

The National Service Scheme (NSS) was started at MLA Academy of Higher Learning (MLA AHL) to inculcate the social service mindset and altruistic attitude in the students.

Why NSS?

We, at AHL, wholly believe in putting into practice the motto of NSS – “Not me, but you”, which expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other man’s point of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings. We, at AHL, strive to inculcate the attitude and belief in our students that the welfare of an individual is dependent on the welfare of society as a whole, through various activities directed towards this end.
In keeping with the NSS logo of the Konark wheel depicting movement in life across time and space, we, at the AHL NSS unit, work towards social transformation and upliftment, because, what we do ultimately affects the quality of life of the whole society.In the process, we are also cultivating the nationalistic and patriotic spirit in our students.


The NSS Unit was started in 2010 as a self-financed unit. What began as a 50-student unit developed into a full-fledged unit of 230 in a matter of just 5 years. The unit soon derived grants from the Bangalore University. The Advisory Committee comprising of the Hon. Treasurer of the MLA Management Committee, Smt.Uma Srinivas, the AHL Prinicipal -Dr.P.V.Padmaja, the NSS Programme Officer (currently Smt.Dakshayini.M) and other faculty members guides the activities of the Unit.

Social Responsibility

Under the aegis of the NSS, students are exposed to the rural ambience through week-long/weekend camps, where they contribute to not merely spreading awareness about health and hygiene but also personally involve themselves in cleaning public places through the Shramdhan programme. They also undertake socio-economic surveys of the locality. Community services are regularly offered at Obhdevanahalli and Guddadahalli through special camps.
Other special camps are also held to instil values. For instance, a week-long special camp was held at Besant Park, Doddaballapur, in December 2016. Special camps are also conducted at NSS Bhavan, Jnanabharathi Campus,Bengaluru University like the Swachch Bharat Mission Camp in December 2014.
Rural children studying in Government schools are provided an opportunity to express their talents and abilities through the various activities and competitions organised by the visiting NSS unit. Rural women are also trained in terracotta jewellery-making besides being involved in rangoli competitions.

AHL NSS volunteers are also regularly familiarized with the concept of serving society through activities like

 Blood donation camps


 Participation in Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan Programme

 Training for proper administering of First Aid

 Planting of saplings

 Waste-paper collection

 Creating awareness about road safety, eye donation and eco-friendly Ganesha festival celebration.

Through various programmes and rallies, they are sensitised towards issues like

 Suicide prevention

 Narcotic/alcohol/tobacco addiction

 Cancer awareness

 Polio immunization programme

 BBMP election process awareness

 Waste-paper collection

Guest Lectures have been arranged on topics like


 Civic Sense

 Civil Defence

 Waste Management and Segregation

 Rainwater Harvesting

 Environmental and AIDS awareness

 Personal Hygiene Awareness

 Communal Harmony, etc.

Compassion towards orphan children is cultivated through making the NSS volunteers spend time with the inmates of orphanges and Old-Age Homes. For instance, at Snehalaya, they impart moral education through story-telling andassist in learning computers, Mathematics, etc. Biscuits and chocolates are also distributed amongst the kids. Children’s Day is celebrated with much fervour through distribution of notebooks, pencils, cakes and prizes to Govt. School children.

Celebration of important days and events

Important events like NSS Day, International Yoga Day, Gandhi Jayanti and Vivekananda Jayanti(Youth Week Celebration) are celebrated. Volunteers have also participated in camps like National and State level NSS Republic Day Parade Camp, National-level camps on National Integration and Pravasi Bharatiya Divas besides University-conducted camps on personality development, under the active guidance of the NSS Programme Officer, whereby the students get to meet youth from various regions and cultures of the country.

Awards for the AHL NSS unit

We are proud to state that we have earned recognition in various forms like

 National Young Leader Award presented by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports – 2015-16 

 Best NSS Unit (AHL) and Best NSS Programme Officer (Smt.Dakshayini.M ) – 2015-16

 Best NSS Volunteer State Award – 2014-15 – to Ms.Keerthi.R. – B.Com student at AHL