Industry Institution Interface (III) Cell: (Triple I)

AHL has a III (Triple I) Cell which aims to develop well equipped human capital for the industry. It is a known fact that there is a wide gap between industry requirements and what institutions actually provide. A productive interface between the industry and the institution is a critical requirement for inclusive growth. This Cell tries to carve a synergetic relationship between the two through various interactive and collaborative programs which contributes in enhancing the teaching learning process and in turn, help the sector to recruit industry ready employees.

III (Triple I) Cell Objectives

  •  Establish linkages with Industry and Industrial Associations
  •  Share the experience and expertise between institutions and industry for mutual benefit
  •  Expose the future workforce to the actual field of work or relate class room theories with actual industrial experience
  • Co ordinate Research and Consultancy activities of the two systems

Forms of Industry Institution Interaction

• Visiting faculty from Industry

• Business Talks by Industrial Experts

• Internship opportunities for Students

• Industrial Projects by Students

• Placement Services for Students

• Industrial Visit

• Consultancy Services

Orientation :

Activities of the Cell are coordinated by its members. The members are Chairman, Industry Representative, IQAC Coordinator, Placement Officer, Industrial Visit Organizer, B-Talk Organizer and Office Administrator.