Life at AHL

Located in the heart of Malleshwaram, it offers the best of traditional with the modern. AHL is part of decades old Malleshwaram Ladies Association which is a landmark in Malleshwaram and in Bangalore. Traditional in system, this association is managed by women and this reflects in their attitude: an attitude to evolve, achieve, empower and excel students to reach for the starts and beyond.

AHL offers a combination of academics, sports, life skills and values to the students to make the students ready to face challenges in their professional as well as their personal lives. The students are given opportunities to forge for themselves to be ambitious, thrive, be sociable, be model citizens and be an inspiration to the new generation.

AHL is committed to provide an environment which is clean, green, positive and unhampered from any form of discrimination; an environment where students are respected and they respect their peers, their elders and their juniors.