• Ragging, in any form, is a reprehensible act which does no good to anyone.
  • Any disorderly conduct, spoken or written or teasing, treating or handling with rudeness, indulging in a rowdy or undisciplined activities will result in severe punishment.
  • Every act of ragging, major or minor, is beyond the limits of decency, morality and humanity.
  • No ragger shall go unpunished.


  • Ragging will invite suspension/expulsion from College;
  • Any Academic privileges, scholarships, and other benefits will be withheld;
  • In case the person cannot be identified, the institution shall resort to collective punishment
  • A nationwide toll free 24×7 anti ragging helpline 1800-180-5522 has been established.
  • Anti-Ragging Mobile Application and the Toll-Free Anti Ragging Helpline Number cane be used in any case.

In case of any incident at the College, you can get in touch with the members of the Anti-Ragging Squad:

Sl No.DesignationName of the Faculty
01ChairmanDr. Padmaja P V, Principal
02Teacher CoordinatorMs Santoshi B R , Asst Prof in English 
03Office InchargeMs.Seema, Office Assistant 
04Student membersGeneral Secretary (BCOM,BBA,MCOM)