PEEPAL (People for Environmental and Ecological Protection) - ECO Club



Eco means to be environmentally friendly. The impact of any civilization can be understood through its environment. The environment which we are in today is fast deteriorating in its ability to support life forms. Effective protection of the environment is critical to sustainable development. It is a survival truth. Environmental protection requires activity at many levels. A small step in this direction is the objective of the Eco club set up by our Institution with its name as “PEEPAL” (People for Environmental and Ecological Protection). It is a group of like minded people who create a platform to understand and work towards the improvement of environmental conditions.


 Impart knowledge to help individuals gain variety of experiences and acquire basic understanding of the environment and its associated problems

 To create awareness about the environmental responsibilities


 Organize guest lecture on creating awareness about various environmental issues

 Celebration of World Environment Day

 Conducting exhibition and workshop

 Organize outbound activities like visit to a farm house, plantation drive etc.

Eco Club Committee


 Eco Club Program Officer

 Eco Club Student Office Bearer



Create awareness and sensitivity among individuals to the total environment.