Mrs. Sharada K


Mrs. Sharada K




Physical Education Director

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About Mrs. Sharada K

Mrs. Sharada K is a Physical Education Director at MLA Academy of Higher Learning. Her research interest lies in the field of yoga.

Subject Specialization

 Sports & Game Specialization: Volley Ball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Badminton, Table Tennis etc.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience: 5 year

Conference Attended

 Attended International Conference on physical education and sports science and presented paper title “A Study on Yoga in in Higher Education and its impact on students learning behavior” at S.V’S Sridora Caculo college of commerce and management studies, Goa.

 Attended National Conference on Interdisciplinary approach in physical education and sports at Soundarya Institute of Management and Science, Bangalore, presented paper title “A Comparative Study on Mental Toughness among Kuvempu University Intercollegiate volley ball and hand ball players.

 Attended National Conference on Board Base Sports and Physical Education Structure at Universities.

 Attended National Conference on Lifestyle Management and Wellness at MLA FGCW, Bangalore.

Faculty Development Programme Attended

 FDP on ‘Ethics in Teaching’ at MLA Academy of Higher Learning, Bangalore

Workshop/Seminars Attended

 National Workshop on “Sports Ethics and Management” at BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore

 Seminar on Sports and Health at Seshadripuram College, Bangalore.

 Seminar on Life Skills at Samadhan Centre for Counseling and Life Skills, Bangalore


 Prepared Project in Master Degree Level with title on “Comparative Study on Mental Toughness among Kuvempu University intercollegiate volley ball and hand female player”.

Paper Published

 Published paper in Journal of Physical Education Sports and Science , ISSN 2229-7049, Volume-1, 2016.



 Cultural Committee, Youth Red Cross (YRC) , N.C.C and Sports.



 Appointed as Manager and Coach Bangalore University Inter-University Level, Chess, Women Team on 2016 at Veltech University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.