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3.2Total Expenditure excluding salary year-wise during the last five years ( INR in Lakhs)
2.2No of Sanction post
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1.1.3Percentage of participation of full time teachers in various bodies of the Universities/ Autonomous Colleges/ Other Colleges, such as BoS and Academic Council during the last five years
1.1.2Percentage of new Courses introduced out of the total number of courses across all Programs offered during last five years
2.1.3Average percentage of seats filled against seats reserved for various categories as per applicable reservation policy during the last five years
4.1.4Average percentage of budget allocation, excluding salary for infrastructure augmentation during the last five years.
4.2.4Average annual expenditure for purchase of books and journals during the last five years (INR in Lakhs)
4.4.1Average Expenditure incurred on maintenance of physical facilities and academic support facilities excluding salary component, as a percentage during the last five years
6.4.2Funds / Grants received from non-government bodies, individuals, Philanthropists during the last five years (not covered in Criterion III) (INR in Lakhs)
7.1.8Average percentage expenditure on green initiatives and waste management excluding salary component during the last five years
7.1.17Number of activities conducted for promotion of universal values (Truth, Righteous conduct, Love, Non-Violence and peace); national values, human values, national integration, communal harmony and social cohesion as well as for observance of fundamental duties during the last five years Number of students undertaking field projects or internships Total number of students benefited by scholarships, freeships, etc provided by the institution besides government schemes year-wise during the last five years
3.4.3Number of extension and outreach programs conducted in collaboration with industry, community and Non- Government Organisations through NSS/NCC/Red cross/YRC etc., during the last five years (15)