Mr. Sandesh Ramakant Bhat


Mr. Sandesh Ramakant Bhat


M.Com (PhD)


Assistant Professor

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About Sandesh Ramakant Bhat

Mr. Sandesh Ramakant Bhat is Currently Pursuing PhD in Lingyas Vidyapeeth Faridabad as Finance as major interest of study.

Academic Experience
4 years

Subject Specialization
3/10/2017– 7/07/2019 PG Faculty (MBA, AIMS IHE Peenya

8/12/2015–18/6/2017 Assisstant Professor UG Faculty (, BBA) JGI Bengaluru

17/6/2015–7/12/2015 Lecturer Teaching for PUC BSV PU college.

Research Experience

4 years



Presented paper, “Carbon renting, the new phase of sustainability” at National conference held at Christ University.

Presented paper and got best paper award for, “Green HRM, the new revolution?” at Christ University.

Presented Paper, “Digital Village, the new concept for Rurban India” at International conference held at Dayanand sagar business academy.

Presented Paper, “Weather Derivative” at National conference held at Jain University Presented Paper, “E-waste management and role of NSS” at Government RC College.

Presented paper titled, “A study on the impact of demography on investment decision of an individual investors” at a National conference held at NMKRV college for Women.

Presented paper titled, “Maggi the magic: before and after the ban” at national conference held at SDMIMD Mysuru, it has been published with ISBN- 978-93-83302- 17-8.

Presented paper titled, “Smart education for smart India” at a national conference held at Vivekananda Institute of management, it has been published with ISSN – 2249-8672.

Presented and got best paper for the paper titled, “Effect of dollar price on crude oil price fluctuation with reference to India” at a national conference held at Shri Ram College of Commerce Mumbai and also published in International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research ISSN – 2394-7780 with impact factor of 7.36.